Teamlead Customs

I ended up here through an Expeditors employee. After studying Commercial Private Law, I was looking for a nice challenge. Expeditors is of course not a legal institution, but as a company we are also focused on Compliance and that is why I saw this as a good opportunity for me to still gain relevant experience! Expeditors is a company where there is no ceiling. If you do your job well and have a proactive and independent attitude, people around you will be happy to help you grow. As Team Lead Customs I carry the responsibility for the team, but also the communication with the customer. I am the face of Expeditors as soon as I call a customer!

In our team we have a stress-resistent and self-confident approach, where people are truly motivated to deliver 100% customer service. In my opinion, the best thing Expeditors offers is growth; show the right attitude and clearly indicate your goals. Then the company will eventually give you the opportunity to grow!

Excellence is one of our core values. The continuous striving for the maximum possible sets us apart from the rest. We always go for the highest achievable and to that little bit extra for our customers. In addition, everyone within Expeditors has the right attitude, regardless of the position you hold. We always strive for progress and make sure we get the job done! We do this together, as a team.



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