Clemens Reimer

Vice President Regional

I joined Expeditors in 2000, after completing my studies in International Marketing & Business Studies in America. The culture, work ethics and core business really appealed to me! I started out as an Air Export employee and worked evening shifts in an Air Export department. I had no knowledge of logistics, but if you are eager to learn and know where you want to go, Expeditors offers you a lot of coaching and support. Also, my team at the time was very close which made me very motivated! I was then asked to continue with a management traineeship. As Management Trainee you get to know as many aspects of the company as possible and you travel a lot to see how processes are arranged at our other offices. I have been a recruiter in the Southeast traineeship, went to Miami for training and eventually sent to Amsterdam to support the growth of our office here. I did that in various positions. Ultimately, I am Regional Vice President for Central and a part of Eastern Europe. My most valuable experience on this way up was the Management Trainee program.