Expeditors & Bluepeaks

Are you taking a new step in your career? That is a big thing. We not only want you to take the right step, but also that your application procedure runs as smoothly as possible. For that reason we have outsourced our recruitment activities in the Netherlands to Bluepeaks. This means that Bluepeaks will be the first to process your application. They will inform you about the possibilities within Expeditors and together you will determine which option suits you best.

Just finished your studie?

You are not the only one

At Expeditors there are a lot of possibilities for starters. Check out our career page for starters. Here we describe what you can expect from us in general. And what is most important to us to succeed at Expeditors. Does that appeal to you? Then we would like to receive your application. During a meeting, we will determine together which department and position suits you best.