Imagine you have a product. You will have it produced in China. And you will sell this product in more than 200 different countries to 1200 different stores that offer your product. As an entrepreneur you want to focus on your product, growth and innovation. You don’t want to worry about supplying. And you most certainly don’t want 200 different warehouses around the world. What are you going to do?

Welcome to Expeditors Distribution
With more than 300 locations worldwide, more than 2.300.000 m2 of warehouses worldwide and more than 17.000 professionals employed, we provide complete Supply Chain solutions for organizations that want to do business without borders.

Warehousing & Distribution

Some shipments only arrive in our warehouse in order to be prepared for an air or sea freight shipment. Other shipments have to stay with us for a little longer.
In the distribution department, our professionals manage the stocks and goods flows of customers who store their product with us. For one customer we work solely locally. Meanwhile, for others we have stocks filled up all over the world. Our professionals work closely with our customers and ensure that our customers’ customers are always supplied on time.

A day at the distribution department

Thomas Elenbaas - Distribution Supervisor, Expeditors

A day at the Distribution department is never the same.
Every day we deal with customers from different segments who have to serve as a team.
As an employee of the Distribution department, you are at the center of the organization where you also deal with internal customers from the following departments in addition to external customers; Import, Export, Customs Brokerage, IT services, Transcon operations, and 3PL service providers. Throughout the network, our external customers use the distribution department, where we are responsible for goods inbound, inventory management and order processing.
In addition to processing the daily activities, we also offer our external customers tailor-made solutions to extremely complex issues. Within the distribution department we think it is of importance that people get enough attention to develop themselves by means of training and personal guidance.