The quickest way of transport

Not only passengers are privileged to travel the world by plane. Our goods are also frequently transported by plane. The speed and accessibility are important factors when it comes to cargo. Airplanes arrive fully loaded with import shipments and leave with export shipments.
With offices at airports around the world, Expeditors uses the international air freight network. We collect the various shipments from our customers in our warehouses around the airports. We strive to handle both import and export shipments as quickly as possible.


Everything shipped as business class

Export shipments are shipments that are sent to another country. The export team communicate with both the customer (also known as the owner of the shipment) and with various airlines.

Air Export Customer Service & Air Export Gateway

Our Air Export Customer Service Agents maintain contact with customers and operate according to instructions given by customers. Subsequently, they discuss the shipments that need to be booked with the Air Export Gateway Agents. The Air Export Gateway department is responsible for purchasing and planning the designated flights. They reserve a spot for these shipments at various airlines and ensure a time efficient handling and delivery of the freight.


Something that is exported will have to be imported elsewhere. Our Import Agents are responsible for coordinating all import shipments. For example, everything has to be properly coordinated with the customer, they provide the correct documentation and they keep in touch with the various airlines.

Air Import Customer Service & Air Import Gateway

This department also makes a distinction between the customer (the recipient of the shipment) and the different airlines. The Air Import Customer Service Agents coordinate the shipments in consultation with the customer. The Air Import Gateway department takes care of the entire handling with the airlines.