Welcome in the world of international laws and regulations

At Expeditors we want to ensure that our customers are limitless in their options regarding transport. The first step is finding the right transport solution for the distribution of goods. The second step is the formal handling of this. Our customers’ goods are shipped all over the world. There is no continent and not even a country where we haven’t been. Each of these continents and countries have their own laws and regulations. As a Customs Consultant you will make sure Expeditors acts according to these different rules and regulations.

Customs Consultancy

At our Customs department our customs professionals ensure that all import and export shipments are handled according formal regulations on a daily basis. Due to extensive customs expertise, the right systems and a lot of contact with customs authorities worldwide, they ensure that all shipments are handled quickly and accurately.
We are usually looking for certified Customs Consultants who want to be active in customs matters regarding both import and export areas. We also train new customs talent of the future. Do you aspire a career in customs? With us you get the opportunity to obtain all diplomas.

Trade Compliance

International trade goes beyond just customs matters. Organizations with markets, stocks and production locations around the world face different trading environments and regulations. Our Trade Compliance department advises our customers on this and ensures that they conduct international business as efficiently as possible.