It’s a good thing the wheel has been invented.

Transcon is our road transport division. A shipment does not just arrive at an airport, shipping company or in a distribution center or shop. Expeditors manages a large network of road transport providers (carriers). The road transport department coordinates all shipments to and from the airports and shipping companies. This way we are able to fully optimize the chain and best serve our customers.

Ground Network Services

Trucks have fixed dimensions. However, packages do not and every route is different. The professionals in the transcon department provide a custom planning every day. They ensure the most efficient planning by selecting the best transport partner, determining the ideal route and ensuring that the trailer is optimally loaded. Are you able to solve the most difficult puzzles? Please apply at our Transcon department!

Customer Service

Not only the transport providers must be optimally managed. Our customers can also count on excellent customer service. When do we come to pick up or deliver the shipment, where is the shipment currently located, is it a special shipment that needs to be insured? At Expeditors, we serve our clients from A to Z. Does that sound like a challenge to you? Apply today!